Christian Crossing-Taylor

17 January, 2017

Are these the best surfing spots in the world?

Global Surf News has published an article (you can take a look at it on the previous link), in which they say that the next spots […]
9 January, 2017

Top 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife

Hi dear surfers and surfing visitors that are willing to come to Tenerife. First of all, as you might not know us, we are a Surfing […]
19 December, 2016

BWT Nazaré Challenge to start tomorrow !

Ladies and Gentlemen the time to wait is over, get ready for Big Wave Mambo ! As you can see on the World Surf League’s website , […]
13 December, 2016

Female Surfing Legends

This is the definitive Female Surfing Legends list. An ode to Women’s Surfing. This list doesn’t include current female Surfing Pros. But if you’d like to see the […]
21 January, 2016

Kelly Slater’s company creates the most powerful artificial wave technology

Unlike other sports, surfing can only be participated in when certain variables are controllable. It cannot be done in indoors, when there’s a typhoon, or if […]
11 March, 2013

New revolutionary surfing App

The technological revolution comes to the world of surfing. A free application allows to know the conditions for surfing, compete against users from around the world, […]