21 February, 2018

The problems of Surfing in Jamaica

SOME MUSIC FOR THE ARTICLE: Your browser does not support the audio element. Yesterday I came across a wonderful article from in which they interview Ivah […]
19 February, 2018

10 Useful Surfing Trips for Beginners

Try not to learn by yourself: Let’s be honest, didn’t you go to school when you were little? Who taught you to speak and walk? Well […]
6 February, 2018
las americas pro 2018

An emotional Las Américas PRO Tenerife

Las Américas PRO Tenerife, which ended a couple of days ago, awarded Rubén Vitoria (EUK) and Mikaela Greene (AUS) as the 2018 edition winners of this […]
29 January, 2018

Another way of Surfing: Jetsurfing

When the first surfboard was created in Hawaii during the late XVIII century, I’m sure the Hawaiians couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen and […]
22 January, 2018

All ready for Las Américas Pro Tenerife

Just as we announced in September, Professional Surf returns to Tenerife, and this first tournament for the Qualifying Series will start in 7 days, on the […]
9 January, 2018

Quicksilver acquires Billabong

I was astonished to read at the surfertoday magazine that Quicksilver had bought Billabong. Two of the most famous brands in the world of surfing and […]
9 January, 2018

Best Surf Spots in South Tenerife

Are you in South Tenerife and don’t want to come to the north of the island? It’s Ok ! You have plenty of surfing spots in […]
2 January, 2018

Tyler Wright wins the 2017 Surfing World Title

Happy new year and congratulations to Tyler Wright, our new 2017 female champion of the woooooorld ! And as we posted before, Women’s title was even […]
20 December, 2017
Stand-Up Bodyboarding

What happened to Stand-Up Bodyboarding?

First of all, did you know stand-up bodyboarding existed? Haven’t you ever seen a surfer riding on top of his bodyboard? Well, if you haven’t seen […]
19 December, 2017

J.J. Florence wins second world title in a row

John John Florence didn’t win the Pipeline Masters (French surfer Jeremy Flores did), but he has just become the current 2017 Champion of the world as […]
13 December, 2017
Surfing Family

The First Surfing Family

If you are a true surfer you might have dreamt of going on a never-ending Surf Trip and raise dozens of children in a surfing manner. […]
28 November, 2017
Caught inside surfing

How to avoid getting Caught Inside in Surfing!

If you are learning to surf I’m sure you’ve got caught inside more than once and you might have been obliged to get out the water, […]