Brazilian William Cardoso wins At Uluwatu, Bali

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5 June, 2018
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25 June, 2018
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Brazilian William Cardoso wins At Uluwatu, Bali

William Cardoso

As always, surfers are unpredictable. Who thought Willian Cardoso was going to win at Uluwatu when Wilson, Toledo, Ferreira and Medina were so strong? Well the fact is that Cardoso made an astonishing tournament, ending up 1st beating Julian Wilson on the Final, and climbing up 11 positions in the ranking.

As we said on the last post, Brazilians are very strong this season, with 5 Brazilians on the current top 10 positions: Toledo, Ferreira, MEdina, Cardoso and Rodrigues. But Australian Julian Wilson remains 1st, as he endedup second in Uluwatu. Filipe Toledo, who was second, remains second after a 5th position, and Italo Ferreira, who was first before Uluwatu, has moved down to third position.

It seems Australians and Brazilians are the strongest this year: Julian Wilson, Mikey Wright and Owen Wright are three Aussies who are also on the Top 10, so the only surfer who is not Australian or Brazilian is French Polynesian Michel Bourez, who stands on 6th position.

And what now? Oh my God now we are leaving Indonesia to move to Jefferson Bay (SOUTH AFRICA). Who won last year ? Filipe TOLEDO guys ! who as I said, is currently second, so he is the man to check-out. We’ll keep you informed as always, byeeee from Atlantik Surf, the best Surf School in Tenerife.

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