5 days of surfing in Tenerife

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9 July, 2018
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5 days of surfing in Tenerife

Playa de los patos orotava tenerife

Playa de los Patos, La Orotava. Beach of Los Patos in La Orotava - Surf

Today we’de like to recommend a 5 day surfing trip in Tenerife. How would we plan a 5 day super surfing trip to Tenerife? Well let’s get on with it then:

3 days of surfing in the North of Tenerife:

Day 1El Socorro: North of the island. First of all, if you have your own board then perfect, but if not, you can contact us or visit our Surf Equipment Rental page. A surfboard and a Wetsuit can be given to you for 30€/day, 20€ for half a day and you get a good discount if you rent a surfboard for a whole week: 160€. Once you have your surf or bodyboard equipment, get in your car and go to El Socorro. If you follow the first link on its name you will find instructions of how to get to the beach of EL Socorro, in Los Realejos, in the north side of the island, where you get 365 days of surfing. Sandy beach with strong currents and waves. Difficulty: Medium-Pro depending on conditions. In summer, everything will be safe but in Winter, take a thorough look from outside before getting in if you don’t want to get wiped-out or caught inside several times.

Day 2Los Patos: North of the island. Beyond surfing, this is one of the most interesting and beautiful beaches in Tenerife. It’s in La Orotava, especifically in El Rincón and it is next to the beach of El Bollullo, but the latter isn’t that good for surfing as it’s normally packed with swimmers. To get to Los Patos you need to park your car in the bar of El Bollullo or up in the San Diego Restaurant. From there, you go down the ravine until you see a No Entry sign. That is precisely where you have to go down. Why? It’s the normal path to the beach, but it gets hit by nature making it difficult to access, and the government or Town Hall doesn’t do much to solve the problem. Difficulty: Medium to Pro, depending on conditions.

Day 3Punta del Hidalgo: North of the island. La Punta del Hidalgo is the beach part of the city of La Laguna, former capital of the island of Tenerife. It is an astonishing view itself and you will take an hour to get from the highway to the beach because it’s an old road that passes through several towns. But, don’t think that the surf spots are crowded, they actually are really tough and depending on conditions it can get as high as any part in the Island. Take a look at the video work of some locals and spanish surfers. I’d say this part, with several surf spots, is Top or PRO Difficulty.

2 Days of surfing in the South of Tenerife

Day 4 – Alcalá: South of the Island. Alcalá beach has no signs to get there, click on this link to get to Alcalá on Google Maps. It’s very near the super cliffs of Los Gigantes and Playa de la Arena, it’s officially called Punta Blanca I think but nobody in the world of local surfing calls it like that, they just say, Alcalá. You have lefts and rigths of incredible shapes, good tubes and Reef. South is 90% reef, so be careful with shallow waters and knees. Top Difficulty when in rough winter. No problem in Summer, normally.

Day 5 – El Conquistador: South of the Island, Playa de las Américas, just in front of the Mc Donalds. All types of waves, left and rights and plenty of italian surfers !? It’s a good spot in the end and I recommend to go early in the morning, that’s what locals do, I’ve seen them in the water at 7 am. Why? Because in the afternoon it gets packed with people from every single part of the world.

If you need more info you can visit our Top 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife and if you want to learn to surf, take your first surfing lessons with Atlantik Surf .


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