Los Patos stairs might be ready for June

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28 January, 2020
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Los Patos stairs might be ready for June

The work of the expected access stairway to Los Patos beach, on the coast of El Rincón, in La Orotava, progresses little by little, with permission from the complicated orography of the cliff where it will settle, the proximity of the sea and the changing weather conditions at the gates of winter.

The project, budgeted at 500,000 euros, foresees that the staircase and the path that will give access to the sand zone might have a removable final part. The design foresees that the section of stairs most exposed to the onslaught of the sea can be dismantled, although sources from the local government (CC) clarified to the EL DÍA newspaper that the future use of this alternative will be decided “when the work is finished”.

Although technically it will be possible to remove a part of the ladder a few months each year, the inability to bring machinery to the area will complicate this option provided by the designers of the new access. The Los Patos beach staircase was closed in the summer of 2013 and, since then, this large black sand beach is officially closed.

The work began at the end of October and has an execution period of six months, which would be fulfilled in April 2020. However, in the City Council of La Orotava they are convinced that the bad weather that is coming will generate some delay, this is why we say June. The mayor of Territorial Planning, Narciso Pérez (CC), acknowledged to EL DÍA a month and a half ago that “this period will probably have to be extended because the work starts in winter months and it is likely that in days of bad weather they won’t be able to work “.

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