To validate your registration and confirm your booking at Atlantik Surf, you must accept our terms and conditions and fulfill the registration form online in our webpage. We also admit registrations by email and telephone, only if you accept the above mentioned conditions.
In the event that a participant enroll several participants or a group, shall be obliged to communicate the conditions here established to all other participants registered by him.
To assure your place at Atlantik Surf, the required amount of the services must be paid at least 1 week before the course. You can find all the bank details in the confirmation letter, which we will send you by e-mail once you fill in the inscription form. Different payment methods are possible on request and confirmation.
The booking will be considered as valid when the required amount has been transferred to our bank account, and you have received an e-mail with the confirmation of your booking details. You could receive any other confirmation (via email or telephone) in case you have inquired other payment methods.


  1. All personal details are compulsory in the registration form.
  2. The participants’ minimum age is 18 years old (exceptions on previous request).
  3. Atlantik Surf reserves the right to make modifications, but only if these modifications do not change the essential services or due to unexpected and uncontrollable situations.
  4. Booking variations depend on availability and always confirmed by Atlantik Surf.
  5. Images of your participation at Atlantik Surf are only used for publicity or promotional purposes as web site, flyers, brochures,…
  6. Participants must be physically fit and capable to swim. The participant confirms that from a medical point of view, there is nothing that prevents him/her from going surfing or bodyboarding. We require that you communicate us any relevant medical aspects: allergies, disabilities, medical incapacities etc.
  7. Each participant is responsible for the Atlantik Surf’s equipment during its use, and accepts the responsibility to replace it in case of lost or serious damage. The participant has to pay the lost or damaged equipment which automatically becomes the participants’ property.


The cancellation will be valid the day we receive it. Due to administrative reasons and expenses, we will never refund the total amount of the booking.
  • We will return you the total amount paid, when the cancellation is made one month or more before the starting.
  • We will return you 25% of the total amount, when cancellations are produced until 1 week before the starting.
  • Within less than 1 week before the starting, we do not refund.
  • We recommend you to contract a travel insurance.


Atlantik Surf does not accept any responsibilities or any refunds in the following circumstances.
  1. When the participant is responsible for the incorrect delivery of the services.
  2. When the defective services are due to third parties or they occur in an unpredictable manner.
  3. When the services cannot be provided, due to conditions beyond the control of the company. These are unusual and unpredictable conditions which could result in unexpected consequences such as natural disasters or meteorological aspects etc.
  4. When the incorrect delivery of the services is caused by happenings at Atlantik Surf, even though all the diligences are taken, but they still could neither be predicted nor prevented.
  5. When any happening could occur before and after the course hours.
  6. Participants have to listen to the instructions of our staff and to follow Atlantik Surf’s regulations. In case of not doing so and behaving irresponsible, the company will take the necessary measures, prior notification, such as the exclusion of the courses.

Privacy and Data Protection

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, dated December 13, on Data Protection, we inform you that personal details that may appear in this document have been included in the files which are the property of MOANA ATLANTIK MANAGEMENT ESPAÑA S.L. (Atlantik Surf). The purpose of the processing of this data is the creation of a contractual relationship with this Company, in addition to offering the services requested beforehand and to maintain you informed of the promotions and news using the contact details supplied. The party concerned is entitled to exercise rights to access, opposition, amendment and cancellation before MOANA ATLANTIK MANAGEMENT ESPAÑA S.L. under the terms set forth in the law on data protection, addressing his/her communications to the email mentioned below:


For medical assistance during your stay at Atlantik Surf, each participant ought to have:
  • Medical card and insurance or contract a travel insurance
Country of Jurisdiction: Spain
Once you make your registration you are supposed to accept the above mentioned terms and conditions.
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