13 June, 2013

Why I love Atlantik Surf

Hey everyone, summer has finally arrived and with it the summer surf season! Atlantik Surf Cantabria is opening up in July and it’s time to testify 😉 […]
25 May, 2013

Your first surf board: wax up!

So after thinking about which shape you want depending on the conditions and your skill level, it’s time to check your bank account and head to […]
15 May, 2013

Your first surf board: shapes

Wow, you really achieved a lot in the last couple of months: You learned about swell generation and brakes, about tools to find the optimal conditions, […]
21 April, 2013

Your first wetsuit

Alright – if you managed to perform the steps in the last blog entry, you’re probably surfing for 2-3 seasons by now. So the time is […]
14 April, 2013

Your first wave: YOUR FIRST WAVE!

Wow, so far this already feels pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter you were all washed up by the first couple of waves. Every beginning is […]
29 March, 2013

Your first wave: takeoff

Hi everyone! Now you’re lying on your boards, looking towards the beach, controlling every few seconds what the wave behind you is doing and of course […]
24 March, 2013

Your first wave: Paddling

So – now that you’re wonderfully trained, grab your loyal 7’8’’ BIC Board and drag it to the beach. Of course you got informed about the […]
1 March, 2013

Your first wave: training

Hi everyone! Sorry for the sporadic posts these days but I have one 12-hour day after another and it doesn’t come to anything these days besides […]
14 February, 2013

MagicSeaWeed, Windfinder & Stormrider Guide

Hi everybody! So you now know how it all goes with waves and stuff. Still, what do you do when the people from Atlantik Surf  don’t watch […]
23 January, 2013

Waves, Tides, and Breaks

So, Berlin is clouded and cold again. What should we do here? Part 2 of the theory of course! Today we’re going to go into more […]
9 January, 2013

Swell generation

Hi everyone, I’m Dominik – some of you might already know me from www.SpanienSurfCamp.com. I’m sitting here in winter weather that even for Berlin is extraordinary […]
10 December, 2012

The Nike brand leaves the surf

The international brand Nike will not go on as a sponsor in the world of surfing. This drastic decision means that the entire team of the […]
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