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Where to Surf in Tenerife

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There are plenty of beaches and waves for all types of surfing in Tenerife. Canary Islands are also called “The Hawaii of Europe” because the archipelago has 7 islands and plenty of different waves. There are many reef beaches in Tenerife, but there are also astonishing sand beaches with good waves. So let’s make a list of the best beaches in Tenerife for every type of surfing. And if you want to check the official site of Tenerife where they name all the beaches they consider suitable for surfing, check this out


  1. Las Américas
  2. Martiánez
  3. El Socorro
  4. Taganana
  5. Benijo
  6. Almáciga
  7. Rambla de Castro
  8. Fajana
  9. Punta del Hidalgo
  10. Igueste de San Andrés
  11. Los Patos
  12. Derecha del Chalet (Guía de Isora)
  13. Chickens (Arona)
  14. El Búnker (Arona)
  15. Fitenia (Arona)


  1. Las Américas
  2. El Bollullo
  3. Los Patos
  4. El Faro (El Porís de Abona)
  5. El Ancón
  6. Martiánez
  7. El Socorro
  8. Taganana
  9. Benijo
  10. Almáciga
  11. Caleta de Interián (Los Silos)
  12. Bajamar
  13. Rambla de Castro
  14. Fajana
  15. Punta Brava (Playa Jardín)
  16. El Castillo
  17. Alcalá
  18. Punta del Hidalgo
  19. La Machacona
  20. La Tejita


  1. El Médano (PRO)

And if you want to learn to surf in Tenerife all year round, take a look at Atlantik Surf.

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  1. Debes ser especatcular poder practicar surf en esa costa… y tener un par para meterse al mar con ese pedazo de olas!

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