Gabriel Medina wins the 2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o

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Gabriel Medina wins the 2018 Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o

Brazilian Gabriel Medina has won the 2018 Tahiti Pro in Teahupo’o over Australian Owen Wright. Medina got a total score of 13.50 while Wright couldn’t score more than 12.07. Gabriel Medina beat French Jeremy Flores on the Semifinals whilst Wright did the same over Brazilian Filipe Toledo. Medina has won this event at Teahupo’o twice, with this recent victory.

In spite of the win, Filipe Toledo remains in front of Medina in the Rankings, he is number 1 with 41,985 points and Medina is second with 35,685.  This means that if Medina ends up the next event in first position and Toledo on 4th of worse, Medina would jump up to number 1. And what is next? Kelly Slater’s house Surf Ranch PRO !

As you already know nobody has won the Surf Ranch PRO Event as it is an inaugural spot ! Kelly Slater created a fantastic Wave Pool that creates incredible and endless tubes and he achieved getting it into the World Surf League Tour ! It is going to be amazing to see who wins this because as we know surf contests are pretty much about tubes, and this wave has endless tubes and enough power to give a super show.

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