17 May, 2017

Which is the best surf school in Tenerife?

Today I’d like to write about the best surf schools in Tenerife and for that we are going to name 8 surf schools in the Island. It’s […]
19 August, 2016

The magic of an early bird surf session

The alarm is ringing and it’s still completely dark outside. Aaaah, just 5 more minutes, please! But the surf forecast is amazing, especially for the early […]
18 July, 2016

5 ways to prevent a wipe out

Every surfer experienced that – a wipe out. It’s a part of surfing like a fin is part of a surfboard and it even happens to […]
3 July, 2016

Learn to surf as an adult

Surfing became more and more popular within the last few years. At many beaches, nowadays you can see a numerous account of surfers, waiting in the […]
12 May, 2016

Not just Surfer Girls, but Pioneers

To many of us surfing means the world. It means being connected to the world around us, to the ocean and its creatures, it means summer, […]
28 April, 2016

Keala Kennelly wins 2016 Big Wave Awards Barrel of the Year

Keala Kennelly is one kind of a woman. After leaving the Women’s Championship Tour years ago to concentrate her efforts on Big Wave Surfing, she’s been […]
15 April, 2016

Noah Beschen – The Wild

15 year-old surf prodigy and supergrom Noah Beschen stars in Aaron Lieber’s 2015 REDirect Film Festival awarded short film titled ‘The Wild’. The film explores the […]
7 March, 2016

Surfing on Tenerife: Spotcheck

The island of Tenerife, situated in the heart of the canary islands, not only offers a great variety in breathtaking landscapes, but also provides surfers – […]
25 February, 2016

Surfboard 101: Nose Shapes

It’s time to get back to the Surfboard 101 series and tackle another important part of the boards that mean the world to us: the nose. […]
7 October, 2015

These kids are better at _____ than you!

Have you been there, too? You’re enjoying practicing your favorite action sport which you’re more or less good at, a 10-year-old kid walks up, steals everyone’s […]
27 September, 2015

Summer’s over. What now?

Like every year around this time summer has finally and inevitably come to an end, the vacations we all had longed for for months are over […]
26 August, 2015

Surfing as a Therapy Treatment?

The fact that surfing feels awesome, makes one go beyond what deemed possible and just might be the best stress release in the universe should not […]
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