New debate arises after Slater’s wave pool contest

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New debate arises after Slater’s wave pool contest

Some months ago we published a post called Will artificial waves harm proper surfing? and it seems that the debate has started just after thousands of people saw the last WSL event in Kelly Slater’s wave pool called The Ranch. As you can see in the image, you just have to get in the WSL website and reach that event page to see plenty of people arguing about whether this kind of events destroy the WSL ranking and the whole tournament. To be honest, I hadn’t really realized that it could be boring to see the same kind of waves and the same kind of tricks as this guy/girl says in the comment of the image.

I think that these words from the commenter have no waste:

“A really boring contest. My opinion is that the unknown element of the ocean and luck are necessary ingredients to a great contest. Watching the same wave over and over is extremely boring. Same maneuvers in the same parts of the wave add nauseam. Don’t get me wrong I desperately want to surf Kelly’s wave, it’s incredible, 9th wonder of the world of course, but I don’t want to ever see a WSL contest here again and I’ve been surfing and watching surfing contests since the 80’s so I’ve got a bit of history with the subject.”

Then other people reply to him saying:

“No one is taking away the ocean events, this event does nothing to undermine the infinite and varied array of skills a world tour level surfer has developed to deal with the challenging, exciting and unpredictable ocean. This event is the “Disney Land” of surfing events, the material many millions of surfers who have come and gone and are yet to be, have dreamed of. Welcome to the future of our sport everyone, a standardised platform offering unimaginable opportunities to enhance performance! Don’t like? boring? don’t watch it.”

At first I thought that it would be great to add this contest to the WSL championships but now I have my doubts, what do you think about it ? And remember, before getting into Slater’s wave, you might want to stand up first, learn to surf in Tenerife with Atlantik Surf.

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