Christian Crossing-Taylor

17 June, 2019

Lakey Peterson wins at Margaret River

Well, with this win Lakey Peterson climbs up two positions (from 7th to 5th), Courtney Conlogue goes down two, Sally Fitzgibbons and Carissa Moore climb up […]
12 June, 2019

J.J. Florence wins at Margaret River

He did it again, John John Florence won the 4th event of the 2019 events at Margaret River PRO and this is his second 1st place […]
25 May, 2019

Igarashi and Gilmore win at Bali

Stephanie Gilmore and Kanoa Igarashi won the Corona Bali Protected, the third event of the World Surf League ‘s women’s and men Championship Tour respectively. This […]
17 May, 2019

Most Dangerous Beaches in Tenerife

So you like danger, you don’t want to go to the normal beaches to surf, you prefer going to the dangerous ones with big, strong waves […]
9 May, 2019

J.J. Florence and Conlogue won at Bells Beach

John John Florence (Hawaii) won the Men’s Rip Curl’s Pro Bells Beach, the second event of the World Surf League, so after getting a third place […]
12 April, 2019

The Best Surfing Vans for your Holidays

Are you a surfing van lover? Do you want to change your two-seat Porsche for a Surfing Van and start a new life style? Yes ! […]
8 April, 2019

Italo Ferreira wins at the Quicksilver Pro Gold Coast

Oh My , Oh My! So a Brazilian won in a competition that had always been dominated by Aussies ! Congratulations Italo Ferreira (Brazil – June […]
5 April, 2019

The World Surf League is On!

Did you know that the 2019 World Surf League has started? It did two days ago and today we have some names that are out already: […]
27 March, 2019

Who is Garrett McNamara

If you see the news from time to time you might know who this man is already, but there a plenty of surfers that don’t know […]
25 March, 2019

Where are the best tubes on Earth?

Thanks to an article by Surfline we are able to give you the opinion of some experts on where are the best tubes in the planet. […]
12 March, 2019

Who’s won at Gold Coast ?

Hello dear surfing fans, as you might know this coming April 3 we will have the World Surf League starting again this season 2019 and the […]
28 February, 2019
Reynolds Yater

Who´s the best Surfboard Shaper in the world?

Have you ever thought about who’s made the best surfboards? Who might be considered the best shaper in the world? Well here at Atlantik Surf we’d […]