Christian Crossing-Taylor

29 January, 2020

Los Patos stairs might be ready for June

The work of the expected access stairway to Los Patos beach, on the coast of El Rincón, in La Orotava, progresses little by little, with permission […]
28 January, 2020

Exercises to improve your surfing

I’m glad to say that there are thousands of online websites that talk about how to train to improve your surfing, and some of them are […]
27 January, 2020

The Hubbard Brothers

Jeff and Dave Hubbard are among the best bodyboardes in the world. Everyone that has been into bodyboarding and surfing since the 90’s will recognize this […]
23 December, 2019

Congrats Italo Ferreira

Italo Ferreira (Brazil) has won the 2019 World Title and the last event, the Billabong Pipe Masters in an epic performance. Not only he has won […]
18 December, 2019
Schooling fish (c) Francis Perez

Canary Islands become a hope spot in Global Climate Change

All who have stayed enough time in the Islands know that between the islands there is an extraordinary assemblage of open-ocean species, especially the short finned […]
12 December, 2019

Congrats Carissa Moore: 2019 Champion of the World!

Carissa Moore managed to win her fourth world surfing title on the Maui Pro 2019 on Monday, December 2. From Atlantik Surf, we’d like to congratulate […]
25 November, 2019

Teresa Padilla ratifies Spain’s Bodyboard Championship

She´s donde it again! Teresa Padilla, a 17 year old girl from Los Realejos, Tenerife, has ratified her title from 2018 and has won the 2019 […]
18 November, 2019

And Caroline Marks wins again

Dear surfers Caroline Marks, the Rookie we talked about a couple of weeks ago has done it again. At only 17 years of age, Caroline Marks […]
14 November, 2019
Italo Ferreira Surfer

Italo Ferreira wins in Portugal

Italo Ferreira from Brazil won the second to last event of the season, the MEO Rip Curl PRO Portugal, climbing up 3 positions in the ranking […]
18 October, 2019
wsl ranking

Women’s Tour 2019 Winner Prediction

Hi dear surfing fans, today we’d like to talk about who might be the 2019 winner in the Women’s Championship Tour. Right now Carissa Moore from […]
17 October, 2019

Jeremy Flores wins at the Quicksilver PRO France

Jeremy Flores from France won in his country’s event from Quicksilver. It was a surprise as he hasn’t won any other event of the year although […]
14 October, 2019

Medina won at Freshwater Pro

Freshwater Pro is the World Surf League event that takes place in Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in California, perhaps the best surfing pool ever made, it […]