How to make your own wooden surfboard

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13 November, 2017
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How to make your own wooden surfboard

In order to make this post I’ve consulted Luigier Crest’s article on the same issue. You can take a look at his articles here, but they are in Spanish. I hope I can explain it as good as him, let’s get to it. Let me support the text with some videos first:




1.- The first option is to go and learn with ARBO Surboards , you can also find him on Facebook. Paul is a master in the art of wooden surfboards’ creation and although it’s not the best option nor the cheapest, he will show you how to become a real shaper. He has been in Euskadi a couple of times but he offers a workshop of 3 days although you might have to go where he is, Perranporth, UK. He will provide all necessary materials and tools. Talk to some friends and go see him !

2.- The second option is perhaps the one you are looking for. Before starting I really recommend you to see all videos but especially the third one, the Science Channel one of How it’s made. You were searching how to create your own wooden surfboard in Google because you have the time and the money (and the SPIRIT) to try and make a wooden surfboard on your own in your workshop or garage. So I hope these three videos and explanation helps you with it.

What will you need ? 

How to make it: Steps

  1. Choose a design: Take a look at this. If you don’t like those designs you can always use any other software to create your own surfboard design.
  2. Prepare the wood: Once you have the wood and the design you need to prepare the wood for the different parts. You need two wooden planks (boards): one for the Bottom and another one for the Deck. Then you need two strips: For the Edge and for the curve of the rail.
  3. Prepare the spot: You need to create something like in this picture. Getting ready plenty of strips together with a separation of 10cms each to achieve the roquer of the board, if not it’s going to be very difficult to make the right curvature.

  4. Build the structure (framework, skeleton) first: Build the structure of the inside first then adjust the strips to the correct height. Put the bottom plank and glue the skeleton with pressure for it to get the right curvature.
  5. Once dry: When it gets dry, start with the wooden strips of the edge and then pass on to the rail until you get to the deck. In the top and rear end you need to put an extra wooden part so that we can carve better later.
  6. Use the Carpenter brush: to lower the wooden strips until they become flat. Don’t worry there will be plenty of videos for you to see how. Now glue the deck pressuring all points.

  7. Once the board is closed: Lower the board with the brush and the saw to get all the extra wood out and then sand down all of it until you get the shape you like.
  8. Make space for the Keels: You will need a crown bit for the drill.
  9. Fiber it: with Epoxy. You can also put a valve for the change of pressure.

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  1. Sam Gallagher says:

    Hi I’m just wondering what is the easiest shape to go for when making a wooden surfboard for beginners, I’m making a wooden surfboard for my school project before I go to college

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