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Secret Spots in Tenerife

playa de los patos tenerife

Shameful way down to Los Patos, thanks to La Orotava's Town Hall

Today I’d like to tell you about 5 Secret Spots in Tenerife. 5 incredible places to surf. And some locals would say? why don’t you keep them secret? Well, to be honest, the vast majority of people are so lazy that they won’t go to those spots even though they know were they are, and why? because there are plenty of surfing spots in Tenerife and these ones are quite far from everything, but that’s the cool thing about them, let’s get on with it:

  1. El Charco (Bajamar): In order to get to Bajamar, in the coast of La Laguna, you need to get out of the highway in Tacoronte if you come from Puerto de la Cruz, or in La Laguna towards Tegueste until you get to the coast. There is no way you can get to Bajamar in less than half an hour from any part of the island, it’s just too local, too hidden, too separated from anything, that’s why many surfers prefer not to go there, as they have plenty other spots, but believe me, Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo have plenty of Secret Spots so if you are really into surfing Tenerife, please go down there at least for a whole day !
  2. Los Dos Hermanos (Punta del Hidalgo): The name means the Two Brothers, there is a part of Punta del Hidalgo that is also called like that, so if you need to ask where the beach is, just say that… we want to surf Los Dos Hermanos, where is it? (In Spanish: Dónde está la ola de los Dos Hermanos?) It’s very near the Lighthouse (Faro), and I promise if conditions are well, you won’t have to look for the waves, you will see them from far away.
  3. Playa de Los Patos (La Orotava): For me this is one of my favourites because it’s just a good stroll down a ravine and then a cliff and it is really characteristic on its own. Ir order to get to it just go to la Playa de El Bollullo, down El Rincón, very near Puerto de la Cruz, park in the beache’s parking and go all the way down to El Bollullo until you see that the path breaks in two, if you take the left you will go down to El Bollullo, but if you go up those stirs to the right, you will see what I’m talking about: Los Patos ! Way down has always been forgotten by the local authorities, it’s a disgrace from them. So I recommend to go down with trainers or tennis shoes because it can get quite slippery.
  4. Igueste San Andrés: Once again, it doesn’t matter how many bloggers write about this, it won’t make huge amounts of people go there because it is just too far away, LOL. In order to get to Igueste de San Andrés you need to go all the way to the beach of Las Teresitas in the end of Santa Cruz, then go up the mountains following the sign to Igueste de San Andrés. Park, go down the little fishing town to the beach and take a look at the line of perfect left waves.
  5. La Fajana: Same example, many people in the north have never been to La Fajana. They know where it is, but they can’t be bothered to get down to it. It’s in the famous walk of La Rambla de Castro, which is a good and beautiful stroll itself. Castro is another spot, maybe a bit more easy to get, but they are just next to each other. Nowadays it’s better to check wave conditions in Windguru before getting down there, although the walk is worth it on its own.

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