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29 January, 2020
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Where to surf in Tenerife North?

Where to surf Norht tenerife

1. Igueste de San Andrés (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). 5 stars. One of the best in the north. Waves with ideal characteristics for bodyboarding. Natural environment. Waves of one to three meters. Mid tide. Rock bottom. South wind. Perfect, fast left waves and pipes. Strong northwest swell. Suitable throughout the year.

2. El Callao (Punta del Hidalgo). 5 stars. Natural environment in the quiet town of Punta del Hidalgo. The Cola Cao boy, Yael Peña, is from Punta Hidalgo and trains here. Waves of two to four meters. Mid tide. Rock bottom. South wind. Large, variable waves and pipes. Strong waves from the north. The best autumn-winter season. However, it must be taken into account that both in Punta del Hidalgo and in Bajamar the locals (native surfers) are reluctant to have outsiders come to take away “their” waves. In the early 90’s there were some violent episodes in this area.

3. El Charco (Bajamar). 4 stars. Waves of strand at two meters. Little polluted water. All kinds of tides. Rock bottom. South and southwest winds. Short and forceful right waves. North, northwest and northeast swell. Excellent all year round. Local surfers with a high level of conflict also abound.

4. El Socorro (Los Realejos). 4 stars. Beautiful and extensive black sand beach of volcanic origin. Perfect for bodyboarding. Natural environment. Waves of two meters. All kinds of tides. Sand background. South wind. Fast waves and pipes. Midwest and northwest swell. Perfect all year round. Beach with showers, parking, restaurant, lifeguards and toilets. Usual scene of competitions. Blue flag.

5. La Caleta (Garachico). 5 stars. High difficulty. Ideal for bodyboarding and Surf. Natural environment. Waves of two to five meters. Mid tide. Rock bottoms. South wind. Big wave waves and pipe sections, very powerful in both directions with the sea entering strongly from the south. Strong waves from the north. Perfect from fall to spring. Parking.

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