Who will win the 2018 Corona J-Bay?

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27 June, 2018
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Who will win the 2018 Corona J-Bay?

Days before the 6th event of the season, and with Kelly Slater‘s return as major news, we need to know what can happen here. We all love build-ups for major surfing events and at Atlantik Surf we have to admit we love Jefferson’s Bay, it’s just a brilliant spot with incredible and perfect waves and tubes where we always get plenty of show-time from many surfers, but who won it last year?

Filipe Toledo won the 2017 edition! According to the World Surf League, “In 2017, in perhaps the best conditions seen ever throughout the event’s illustrious 37-year history, Filipe Toledo became the first Brazilian to claim the Corona Open J-Bay.” But will he be the last Brazilian to win it or will we see another Brazilian win this 2018 edition?

If you take a look at current rankings, you might spot out that out of the 10 first title contenders, there are 5 Brazilians : Filipe Toledo (2), Italo Ferreira (3), Gabriel Medina (4), Willian Cardoso (5) and Michael Rodrigues (10). It’s difficult to believe that these guys won’t be able to win in South Africa. But you know, if you think you know about surf and wanna take bets, better make them at Stakers.

We at Atlantik Surf want to take risks and bet for somebody and we think it’s going to be one of these three guys: Filipe Toledo, Gabriel Medina or Jordy Smith. The last one is the guy from South Africa, so he knows the spot better than anybody, he just needs a good couple of days to get good scores, We bet he’s getting in shape right now.

Nevertheless, if Julian Wilson wins this, then depending on Filipe Toledo’s final ranking he will increase the diffrence in points and it might be quite difficult to reach him with only 5 more events at stake. Can’t wait for it to start ! Take your bets and choose the 2018 WSL winner!

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