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18 October, 2019
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Italo Ferreira wins in Portugal

Italo Ferreira Surfer

Italo Ferreira from Brazil won the second to last event of the season, the MEO Rip Curl PRO Portugal, climbing up 3 positions in the ranking and positioning himself on the first position. Jordy Smith from South Africa was second so he remains on third position while Gabriel Medina ended up 9th so went down from 1st to 2nd position in the ranking.

With these results on the second to last event of the year, and with only one more contest at Pipeline, there are only 5 surfers that can win the World Title: Italo Ferreira, Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith, Filipe Toledo and Kolohe Andino. On this list, there are 3 Brazilians, 1 South African and one from the United States of America, which means that Brazilians, as we have said before here, are currently the best surfers in the world.

The distance between Kolohe Andino (5) and Italo Ferreira (1) is only 7 thousand points and as we know you get 10.000 points if you end a contest 1st. So anything can happen in Pipeline. Gabriel Medina won last year at the Billabong Pipe Masters being the current defending champion so it’s going to be a tough one. Can’t wait to see what happens in Pipeline, we’ll keep you informed.

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