Jeremy Flores wins at the Quicksilver PRO France

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14 October, 2019
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18 October, 2019
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Jeremy Flores wins at the Quicksilver PRO France

Jeremy Flores from France won in his country’s event from Quicksilver. It was a surprise as he hasn’t won any other event of the year although he got a good second position in the second event at Pro Bells Beach and a 5th at Tahiti. This 1st position made him climb up 5 spots from the number 14 to his current 9.

Italo Ferreira from Brazil ended up 2nd and Jack Freestone from Australia finished 3rd completing an unexpected event.

When it comes to the Women, Carissa Moore won the Roxy PRO France followed by Caroline Marks. So the Hawaian remains on first position followed by second Lakey Peterson, Sally Fitzgibbons is third and Marks is 4th. On fifth position we have Courtney Conlogue and on 6th there is Stephanie Gilmore.

Women have only two more events to go and it seems the championship will be disputed by the first 4 while the men have another 2 more events this season which are the MEO Rip Curl Portugal and the final Billabong Pipe Masters. Follow all the WSL news from Atlantik Surf.

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