Women’s Tour 2019 Winner Prediction

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17 October, 2019
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14 November, 2019
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Women’s Tour 2019 Winner Prediction

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Hi dear surfing fans, today we’d like to talk about who might be the 2019 winner in the Women’s Championship Tour. Right now Carissa Moore from Hawaii is leading with 57,260 points followed by Lakey Peterson with 49,935. Third is Sally Fitzgibbons from Australia with 46,815 points and 4th is Caroline Marks with 46,020. Courtney Conlogue is 5th but it might be very difficult for her to win the Championship as she is 16 thousand points away from the leader, so even if she won the last two events, her final ranking would depend on the other girls’ performance.

There are only two more events to go: First is the MEO Rip Curl of Portugal and the last one, of course, is in Hawaii (The Hawaii Pro). If we take a look at who won last year on those events we see that we can’t as these two places weren’t in last year’s championship nor in 2017, so they are completely new spots for the women, although they have all surfed there before of course but not ina WSL competition.

If we see how the girls have been performing since the last event at Freshwater PRO we see that all three first positions haven’t changed a single bit. Carissa Moore has been leading for a while, Peterson has stayed second and Fitzgibbons third. The only one that has climbed one position is current number 4 who is Caroline Marks, the Rookie we talked about on this blog before that has only 17 years of age ! What a performance. But can she win? Well if she ends up 1st in the last two events and Moore, Peterson and Fitzgibbons don’t do well, Marks can conquer hir first championship and that would be a happy surprise for everyone, specially for the young girls that would have an example of how you can win a WSL championship at only 17.

But what is really going to happen? Nobody knows but we think that the 1st place will end up being for Carissa Moore for two reasons: First of all, she has 8 thousand points more than the second qualified; secondly, she is from Hawaii so just imagine the amount of support that she will have during the last event in the Hawaii PRO. All the locals will be there to support her champion and she will definitely have all she needs to conquer the title.

But then Peterson, Fitzgibbons and Marks are only from 8 to 11 thousand points behind so it all depends on how this following event at Portugal ends up. We can’t wait to the see ranking after this upcoming event and then we will see what happends at Hawaii. If you are a young girl and want to learn to surf, come to our Surf School in Tenerife and learn from the best in the island.

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