Congrats Carissa Moore: 2019 Champion of the World!

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Congrats Carissa Moore: 2019 Champion of the World!

Carissa Moore managed to win her fourth world surfing title on the Maui Pro 2019 on Monday, December 2. From Atlantik Surf, we’d like to congratulate her and all her team and family and we would also like to say… (LOL) that we were right on our October prediction in which we though that Moore was going to end up Number 1 as she finally did. Here is the post of October: Women’s 2019 Winner Prediction.

And the fact is that Moore won the title before reaching the finals, since the only surfer able to snatch the title was Caroline Marks. But Stephanie Gilmore truncated her dreams by defeating her in the quarterfinals and avoiding Caroline’s confrontation against Carissa and thus giving her the victory.

Finally the semifinal took place between Stephanie Gilmore and Carissa Moore in which they got a score of 15.95 for Steph and 15.07 for Moore. A close encounter, but everything was already decided and the title went to the one that managed to make the best scores throughout the whole circuit.

Congrats again Carissa Moore and from Atlantik Surf we can’t wait for the next season to start, although we still have to inform you about how the Men’s Championship Tour will end up, the last event has started today December 12, take a look at Live scores here !

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