Right skin and hair care on a surf trip

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18 July, 2016
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Right skin and hair care on a surf trip

5 ways to protect your skin and hair care on a surf trip

Imagine you’re on surf vacation, you’re out in the sun all day long, sunbathing at the beach or surfing in the salty water. That’s a pretty big exposure for your skin as well as for your hair. Here are 5 ways to antagonize damages on your skin and hair caused by too much sun and saltwater.

sun protection skin care surf trip1. Don’t forget the sunscreen
Very, very important, also on cloudy days: don’t forget the sunscreen. Especially if you’re in more southern regions, the solar irradiation is way more intensive than you’re used to. Therefore, always put sunscreen on and rather use a sun protection factor which is too high than one that is too low. Because a sunburn particularly in the first days of your vacation is something you really can do without. Also take care that you’re using waterproof sunscreen and accordingly refresh the sunscreen more often, because due to the action of the water, the UV protection decreases. An After Sun lotion after the shower helps your skin to regenerate.

2. Zinc cream / tint stick
When you go surfing, zinc cream or the tint sticks especially invented for surfers are very practical for your face. They are both extremely resistant to water and therefore protect your face from getting sunburned at long surf sessions.

3. Cap / ponytail
Some of you, especially the girls, might know this problem: a sunburn on the parting. Unfortunately, this is something you hardly can prevent with sunscreen (honestly, who voluntarily smears himself sunscreen in his hair?).
Our tip: surfing with headgear – for this reason, there are special caps for surfers which you can fix onto your head with a chin-strap so they can’t get lost in the infinite expanses of the ocean right after your first wipe out. Girls with long hair as well can try a ponytail. Just fix your hair with a scrunchy so that there is no visible parting anymore. If the ponytail is getting loose all the time, try to braid your hair a bit and fix the end of the braid with another scrunchy – aaaand you’re ready to go surfing!

4. Intensive hair treatment
The secret recipe right after surfing: put some hair mask into the tips of your hair – now you can brush easily through your hair which formerly was sticked together by the saltwater. You don’t have to wash out the hair mask straight away but let your hair dry like this.

5. Conditioner / hair oil
It’s good to use a conditioner next to your normal shampoo at your after surf shower. The sun and the saltwater attack your hair, but if you use a conditioner, your hair doesn’t get tied in knots that easy. If your hair is still hard to comb after you used the conditioner, you can also use hair oil after the shower. Put some oil in the tips of your wet hair – your hair should be easy to comb now and the oil brings back moisture and prevents dry and split ends.

With these tips, nothing more can go wrong (at least when it comes to your skin and hair) and you can enjoy your surf trip to the fullest. Have fun!

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