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19 June, 2016
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18 July, 2016

Surfing became more and more popular within the last few years. At many beaches, nowadays you can see a numerous account of surfers, waiting in the line-up to catch the best waves. And amongst the surfers, you will find all kinds of ages: the toddler, gently pushed into its first wave by his mum or dad. The grom who is ripping the waves with his surfboard as if he hadn’t done anything else in his entire life (which is kind of true in many cases). There is also a large number of teenagers between the age of 15 and 25, who are living and enjoying the surf-lifestyle to its fullest. But also the older generations don’t splash out in the water and will show some whippersnapper who’s the actual boss out there.

Learn surfing as an adultBy looking at the generation 35+ you can see that, for many of them, surfing has been a part of their lifes for a long time. The ones who were lucky enough to grow up close to the ocean, could start surfing at a young age. This is a big advantage as a kid is very fast in learning new physical motions. And it’s definitely helpful that kids are more fearless and adventurous than adults. Therefore it’s much harder to learn how to surf as an adult. Nevertheless, there were more and more adults discovering the joy of surfing within the last few years. At the time the original Point Break movie was released, it also helped to make surfing more popular for the generation 35+.

Since then, the mentality of adults changed to that effect that they are way more open to new experiences and that they are searching for adventures and the so-called “kick”. That’s why many people in adulthood decide to just try out surfing. And if you once became infected by the surf-virus, you just stick to it. To be honest (and those of you who went surfing before can confirm this): there’s nothing better than to ride down this one perfect wave, to sense the full force of the elements underneath your feet and to have this unbelievable feeling of freedom and luckiness, which automatically comes with such a ride.

Many people feel a bit uncomfortable or even awkward to first start surfing when they are adults, because one’s always looking a bit stiff and clumsy when learning a new kind of sport. But don’t worry, all beginnings are difficult and everyone has started from scratch. Just try it out and have fun, because having fun is the most important thing! And then you will see, everything else will come by itself 😉

You’re motivated to learn how to surf now? Then just join one of our surfing classes and we’ll show you the “fascination of surfing”. We’re looking forward to go surfing with you soon!

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