Packing list for your surf camp vacation

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12 May, 2016
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Learn to surf as an adult
3 July, 2016
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Packing list for your surf camp vacation

Packing list surf camp

You want to go to a surf camp for the first time and you have no idea what to take with you? No problem, we’ve made up the ultimate packing list for your next surf camp vacation to make sure you won’t forget anything important.

For the beach

Boardshorts / Bikini
An absolute must-have, for sunbathing as well as for surfing! During the surf lessons, we will provide you a wetsuit, but due to hygienic reasons it’s reasonable to wear a bikini / boardshorts underneath it.

It would be best if you take two towels with you, one for the beach and one for the shower.

Many people swear by a surf-poncho – it’s no must-have but it definitely makes changing clothes at the beach much easier.

Perfect in order to transport drinks, sunscreen, towel, etc. comfortably to the beach

Own surf equipment

If you have your own wetsuit, you can bring it with you if you like, because normally you will feel more comfortable in your own wetsuit than in a rental one.

Surfboard (incl. leash, wax and board-bag)
You have your own surfboard? Bring it along with you to the surf camp if you want to. If you don’t have an own surfboard, that’s no problem: during the surf classes, we will provide you a suitable surfboard. You can also rent a surfboard at our camp if you like to go surfing on your own.

Sun protection

– waterproof sunscreen
– alternatively: zinc creme or „Tint-Sticks“ for your face
– after sun lotion
– sunglasses
– cap

Important documents

– ID Card / passport
– driving license (if you want to rent a car or a scooter)
– credit card and debit card (most of the car-rental companies need a credit card for security reasons. Furthermore, with two cards you’re on the safe side if one card doesn’t work or gets lost)
– money in cash


– travel insurance if something happens during your vacation. During the surf course, you’re covered by our insurance for sure.
– check and if necessary refresh your vaccinations previously
– small first aid kit (patches, forceps, disinfectant spray, iodine, some dressing material)
– travel medications (tablets against headache, nausea, fever, diarrhea & occlusion, cold medicine and nasal spray)
– insect spray


– Flip Flops for the beach
– sturdy shoes for exploring your surroundings
– for the girls: don’t forget the right shoes for the parties at night 😉


– light clothes for the day
– long & warm clothes for the nights
– party outfit
– jacket against wind and rain


Shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, and whatever else you need to feel good  😉


Ejects the boredom at the outward and homeward journey.
– MP3 – Player with a relaxed holiday and surf playlist
– books (respectively e-books on your e-book-reader or tablet PC)
– movies (for example on your tablet PC or laptop)


With this you will help the environment because you’ll produce less rubbish
– drinking bottle
– lunch box

With this list, you’re perfectly prepared for your next surf camp vacation. Have fun and hang loose guys!

Packing list surf camp

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