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10 April, 2017
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Surfing Holidays in Tenerife

Surfing Holidays Tenerife

Are you looking forward to coming to Tenerife (Canary Islands) and enjoy a surf trip or just spend a marvelous Surfing holiday in the island? In this post I’m going to give you some ideas that might come very handy for your ideal surfing trip, wheter you are planning to come in Summer or whenever.

Tenerife is one of the 7 Canary Islands, it’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the two provinces and it comprises 4 islands, the occidental ones: Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. All of them can be spotted from a certain part of the island if the weather is nice. The other province is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it comprises 3 islands: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Those three islands have plenty of surfing spots as well, but Tenerife is like a small continent, and apart from surfing you can find miles and miles of mountains, the biggest and highest volcano in Spain and a rich food culture.

If you take a look at our post called Biggest Waves in Tenerife or the other one called 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife, you will find plenty more information on what to do or where to go to find the best waves and beaches in Tenerife. Also, we have another page called Surfing Holidays in Tenerife where you will also find plenty of good info and even our rates if you need some help at the beginning.

1.- Where to stay in Tenerife?
Well this depends on what you really want and your capacity and willingness to move around the island. If you want Sun I’d recommend to stay in the south part of the island, particularly in Las Américas or Los Cristianos, other southern parts of the island are cool but perhaps they are a bit away from the night clubs, pubs and bars. Another beatiful part of the island is called Los Gigantes and there is a good surf spot there called Alcalá, but apart from the highest cliffs in Europe, a wonderful lanscape and some English pubs you won’t find anything else and you are far from everywhere.

ON the other side if you really want to say that you know Tenerife you should stay in Puerto de la Cruz where we are located. It’s in the north side of the island and inside the Valley of La Orotava, perhaps the most beautiful side of the island (when the sun comes out). This is because the north is green and sometimes cloudy. If it didn’t rain it wouldn’t be as green and beaitiful as it is. The north side of the island has sandy beaches and good surf breaks, like El Socorro, Los Patos, Martiánez, Fajana, Buenavista, etc. But don’t worry too much, there are surfing spots all around the island, some of them even, are quite hidden, inside cliffs and mountain coasts.

2.- Where to surf in Tenerife?

Let’s start with the beaches and surf breaks and spots in the north of the island:

  • El Socorro
  • Martiánez
  • El Castillo
  • Punta Brava
  • Los Roques
  • La Fajana
  • Castro
  • Los Patos
  • El Ancón
  • Igueste de San Andrés
  • Punta del Hidalgo
  • Bajamar
  • La Caleta de Garachico

And now let’s move to the South:

  • La Machacona
  • La Tejita
  • Las Conchas in Guía de Isora
  • Punta Blanca Guía de Isora
  • Las Pameras in Playa de Las Américas
  • El Conquistador in las Américas
  • Las Galletas
  • Alcalá in Los Gigantes

Remember, if you liked this post please share with friends and if you want all your friends to learn to surf come to our Surf School in Tenerife.

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