Will artificial waves harm proper surfing?

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12 April, 2017
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20 April, 2017
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Will artificial waves harm proper surfing?

Kelly Slater's wave pool

First of all I’d like to say that if Kelly Slater hadn’t been the one to take that step into the future by creating the most perfect artificial wave ever, I can’t imagine the amount of criticism it would receive. I mean, if the best surfer in the world is receiving thousands of bad critics for challenging the future of surfing, just imagine how it’d be if somebody else, outside the surfing world, had had that brilliant idea.

Let’s be honest, Beaches, Secret Spots and reef breaks are overcrowded. And it’s not funny any more. No matter where you are you can never find a wave for yourself and your friends, it’s impossible. The only thing you can do now in 2017 onwards is go to the beach with your cars and put the lights on focusing on the wave so you can surf at night with all the risks attached as in the Point Break movie.

But the worse thing is seeing how plenty of people criticize what is just Unavoidable. What are you really talking about? If beaches and every single spot is crowded in 2017 what do you think will happen in 2037 ? If surfing is for ever (plenty of 50 and 60 years old keep on surfing), it means that up to three generations can be surfing at the same time. The sport is getting more and more popular and there will be a time in which I’m sure many people will leave the surf breaks due to the impossibility of catching a wave due to the crowd.

So Kelly Slater, perhaps the best surfer in the world, knew this and said, I’m fed up with this and let’s think of the future. But of course, then all the anti-capitalists and so on say that he only did it for money when that is a complete lie. IN fact, I’m sure he has lost money and he will need more than 10 years to make it a feasible project. Given his age, I don’t think Kelly Slater will be with us for more than 30 years, and by that time, we better have more than 500 artificial wave pools and only then perhaps Surfing might become an Olympic sport. Take a look at the video as well where they compare Teahupoo with Everest: overcrowded and full of trash.

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