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Top 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife

Hi dear surfers and surfing visitors that are willing to come to Tenerife. First of all, as you might not know us, we are a Surfing School in Tenerife and we also organize a Surfcamp in Spain, at the Playa de Ajo (Cantabria), every summer from July to September. Here we’ll talk about our own list of Top 10 Surf Spots in Tenerife, but take a look at Tenerife’s official website and check them all out for yourself. We know these places because of experience, but as most of them are intermmediate to Pro Level, we can’t take our students there, but if you know how to surf, check them out !

Punta del Hidalgo: Dear surfers, Punta del Hidalgo is an area of the island of Tenerife, it’s not a surf spot. So why do I list it first? Because it has several surf spots in the same area. Both for surfing and bodyboarding, this part of the island is not quite known for tourists so it won’t be packed with people. Nevertheless, there will be locals but things aren’t like many bloggers say, locals are just normal people who like to surf and therefore if you respect and know the surfer rules in the water then you will have no problems at all. Here in Punta del Hidalgo you have four top spots called: El Roquete, La Bajeta, Los Dos Hermanos and El charco which is between Punta del Hidalgo and the town of Bajamar.

Almáciga – Taganana: This part of the island is just unique. It is worth to go and see it even if there are no waves but let me tell you something, if there are surfing conditions, you’ll be surprised by the beauty and power of this surfing area. Please go and visit the beach of Benijos, it will break your heart and surfboard, lol.

El Socorro: careful, there are two waves or beaches called El Socorro which means SOS in Spanish. But we are talking about El Socorro in Los Realejos, in the north part of the island, a sandy beach where there are always waves, 365 days of surfing. It used to get very big when I surfed it 15 years ago, but it seems conditions have changed and although it has plenty of different waves, it doesn’t get as big as before, nevertheless, it still is a dengerous beach when it’s big but not because of the hight of its waves, but because of strong currents.

Fitenia: This spot is in the south of the island, you know, plenty of tourists, good sun in winter, 25º average, and you can surf in fron of the Burguer King. In the south you’ll find plenty of spots that are just one minute from your parking spot. The problem is the amount of surfers per spot. Respect the rules but don’t be naive or you won’t catch a wave.

Igueste de San Andrés: This is a non tourist beach, not because they are banned from coming, it’s just because it’s only a surfing spot and there is nothing surrounding it. It’s very near the capital of the island, Santa Cruz, you need to go the Playa de las Teresitas and then go up the mountain and see the spectacular views until you get to Igueste, there are plenty of signs so you won’t get lost.

La Caleta (Garachico): another amazing part of the island that you should take a look even if there are no waves. But if there are surfing conditions, go and try the north shore of the island and then have a good fish in some of the good old local restaurants.

La Derecha del Conquistador: What a name, it means the Right of the Conqueror, as if the conquerors surfed, lol. Definitley a place to see and to surf, although quite touristic and packed with people, it’s good to surf without danger as waves there are good but not big. Take a look at it.

Alcalá: Have you ever seen the biggest cliffs in Europe that are in Los Gigantes? Well you can surf just beside them in Alcalá. It’s not packed as it is far from the city of Las Américas, a 20 minute trip on your car. Definitly a good surfing spot that can get quite big.

La Machacona (El Médano, Granadilla): Conditions need to be perfect for this wave to appear. And I use the verb to appear because it is quite weird. It seems there are no waves and suddenly a huge wave appears in La Machacona. Wind needs to be off shore as it is a very windy area. This spot can be surfed but it is better to bodyboard it. It’s very shallow so be careful with your knees.

Martiánez: This surf spot is where we are located. It is for beginners although when it gets big in Puerto de la Cruz nobody enters the beach as it receives astonishing waves. From October to February this town gets huge waves and you only need to take a look at the waves that arrive to see the quality and power of Tenerife’s surf spots.

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