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Best Surfing Apps

Best Surfing Apps

When I was a kid on the 1980’s and 90’s, nobody had cells and if you had one, it could only receive calls and send SMS, but we couldn’t even imagine touchscreens, Android, and Apps to make our life easier.

Taking this into account, surfing was much purer as only real wind gurus and natural observants could know when the biggest or best swells would come. Therefore, beaches weren’t that crowded, secret spots were precisely that, secret and if you went to the beach early in the morning there was a slight possibility of you being alone.

Things have changed dears and now everybody have cellulars and apps to consult the location and direction of the best tides and swells. But what are the best surfing apps to be really up to date at all times? Let’s give it a try:

  1. The World Surf League app (iOS, Android) is great as it has live broadcasts, event alerts for organizaing things, news updates every half hour nearly, video highlights of the best competitions and more, athlete information and rankings. Don’t miss the WSL Championship Tour in real-time.
  2. The Windy app (iOS, Android) has real-time animated maps with wind and wave conditions, as well as tide information and classic chart displays for everyone.
  3. The Surfline app (iOS, Android) allows you to consult the surf forecasts and reports for thousands of breaks across the world including the Canary Islands. Check the waves in real time with the surf cams installed in hundreds of worldwide beaches, this way you don’t have to move from home unless you see good waves.
  4. The Magic Seaweed app (iOS, Android) is a bit more technical as it offers detailed ocean analysis, including waves, wind and swell, live reports from local observers, and live beach cams.
  5. The Surfy app (iOS, Android) isn’t useful to inform yourself as it is a game, but perhaps the funniest game in Android, surfing wise. Take a look at it when there are no waves to surf.
  6. The Stick Surfer app (iOS, Android) puts you in the skin of Stickson, and this is another game in which a legendary wave rider is always ready to ride the deepest tube.

And remember, if you need to learn to surf we are located in the Canary Islands. Come and learn to surf with us in Tenerife. 

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