Tenerife Surf School

Atlantik Surf (Surf School & Camp) offers the best surfing lessons in the Island of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Our surf courses have a maximum size of 8 people that will be taught by qualified local teachers, no matter which course you assist. Our surf teachers have their professional licenses and/or were professional surfers themselves.

Surf Courses in Tenerife
In our Surf Courses in Tenerife, Surf instructors teach each group in order to correct each of your mistakes individually; introducing you into the art of surfing as good as possible and making you improve your skills quickly. Each day we will have three hours of surfing lessons. More than three hours would be a waste of money, as your body won’t have any power left for new tasks and you would have no energy for the next day. That’s why we don’t offer more than the needed lessons. We want you to improve your skills as quickly as possible, what we will achieve through personalised and intensive coaching.

Our Surf equipment

We have boards in different sizes and shapes to offer the most suitable board for each individual, according your size and progress during the course.

We teach you with softboards that are suitable for beginners and intermediate levels, from the brands “Victory”, “Gnaroloo” and, “Madness”. We also have hardboards from “Bic”, although they are not very recommended for the first surfing lessons.

All bodyboards and flippers used in our lessons are of professional quality and materials. The large experience we have on bodyboard in the Canary Islands has proven they are the best option for an adequate learning of bodyboard.

The wetsuits of 3.2 mm thickness will be long unless you prefer to use a short one. Our long wetsuits are all Rip Curl and in excellent conditions. We have availability of sizes from Junior 14 up to XXL. Over the wetsuit you will be wearing our school top with our logo. For rocky / reef spots, we also have different sizes reef booties.


Most of our lessons will take place in the beaches of Puerto de la Cruz and the surroundings, but as we are equipped with our surf vans we will take you all around the island to ensure you get the best waves every day. The beaches chosen by our teachers for the lessons are Playa Martiánez and Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz; Playa El Socorro in Los Realejos; Playa de Taganana, in Santa Cruz; Playa Montaña Pelada, in El Medano, Granadilla de Abona and Playa Las Américas, in Las Américas, Adeje. If you need more information please visit Our Surf School Tenerife page or go to the Booking page.
Our aim is to make you enjoy standing on a board as soon as possible. In order to obtain this result we use our own teaching methods, which we have developed through out the years of experience.

Though the lessons are mainly practical, we will not let you leave without knowing about currents, tides, surf material, wave forming and other interesting information about surfing.

This is a course for people who already have taken part in another course and want to continue progressing as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to make you catch the green waves (unbroken waves), start surfing their face and maybe even do your first turns. As the courses are given in small groups you will benefit from individual treatment and correction in order to achieve your goals.
Our aim is to surf the green part of the wave (unbroken face of the wave) side wards and to make you do the first moves. There is a notably higher feeling of success in bodyboarding compared to surfing as the learning progress is much faster when you lie on a board.

Bodyboarding is a radical sport, often mistakenly considered a sport for crab-red sunburned tourists in a Speedo board. In contrast, Big airs, radical moves and deep barrels are the real meaning of the true bodyboarding that you will learn with us.