Gabriel Medina wins the Quicksilver PRO France

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11 October, 2017
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30 October, 2017
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Gabriel Medina wins the Quicksilver PRO France

Gabriel medina

As we said in our previous post on the Quicksilver Pro France, and according to the World Surf League website as well, Gabriel Medina was the man to beat in France, and he has won it. Before the tournament in France, Jordy Smith was number 1 and Gabriel Medina was 8th, but we knew that there weren’t that many points of difference and so, after gaining 10.000 points, Gabriel Medina is currently 3rd, Jordy Smith went down to second and John John Florence, who was second, is currently number 1. There are only two more contest at stake: MEO Rip Curl Portugal and Pipeline !!!

It is Medina’s third win in this part of France and depending on how he performs in the last two contests, he might even win the Jeep Leaderboard. “It feels so good to win an event,” he stressed. “This is a really special place for me, I love coming here, I’m so, so stoked. It’s been a great event this year, we’ve had really good waves. I’m not even thinking about the World Title or the rankings, I just wanted a win. I promised to myself I had to win one event this year, and it feels so good now I’ve done it.”

Medina beat John Joh Florence in the Semifinals. After getting to the final, he realized he had to fight against Sebastian Zietz, perhaps a man that nobody expected to get to the final, a calm and patient surfer from Hawaii who has done an spectacular tournament this year and is currently number 11, having climbed up 4 positions.

How is the current Ranking then?  Joh John Florence is currently number 1 with 49,900 points, Jordy Smith second with 47,600 and Gabriel Medina third with 40,750. This means that still either of them can win the 2017 Men’s PRO surfing championship. In Atlantik Surf, where we offer Surfing Lessons in Tenerife, we can’t wait to see the MEO Rip Curl PRO Portugal.

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