Who will win the 2017 Surfing World Title?

Gabriel medina
Gabriel Medina wins the Quicksilver PRO France
20 October, 2017
Nazaré is back again
9 November, 2017
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Who will win the 2017 Surfing World Title?


Hawaii's Pipeline, last event of the season !

As said by the World Surf League and as we expected and have been informing since a couple of posts ago, the 2017’s surfing world championship is tighter than you think, as at least 4 surfers have options to end up in first place. Take a look at the current ranking according to the Jeep Leaderboard’s Men Championship Tour.

As you can see on the table, John John Florence is currently number 1 with 53,350 points followed closely by Gabriel Medina with 50,250 points. In third position is Jordy Smith 47,600 points (a man who was 1st just three events ago) and Australian Julian Wilson is 4th with 45,200.

Knowing that finishg first gives you 10,000 points, and given that numer 1 is only 8 thousand points ahead of number 4, all 4 contenders can win the 2017 title. So who won last year’s Pipeline Masters? It was Michel Bourez who is currently number 16 on the table !!! Who of the 4 contenders ended up in a better position ? Florence and Smith ended up 5th, Gabriel Medina used one of his Throwaways (13) and Julian Wilson also was 13th.

Pipeline is different, it’s the Mecca of Surfing, a place where Kelly Slater used to win a lot, nobody has won more Pipeline masters than Slater, take a look at it here. And if you are planning to learn to surf come to our Surf School in Tenerife, we’ll teach you Slater’s tricks and moves !


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