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And now the Quicksilver PRO France

Gabriel Medina Surfer

Gabriel Medina Flying

As you might know already the Surfing season has 11 major championships and there are only 3 left: Quicksilver Pro France, MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal and the Billabong Pipe Masters. The Quicksilver PRO France was due for the beginning of October but conditions weren’t good enough so it’s now due for the 11th of October, this Wednesday. Defending champion is Keanu Asing from Australia who isn’t among the top 43 surfers of the WSL Men rankings. And that is my point today, The Quicksilver PRO France is different, who will win it this time ?

Jordy Smith, current number 1, is only 5 thousand points ahead of 2nd qualified John John Florence and 8 thousand points ahead of 3rd: Julian Wilson. Winning the tournament gives you 10.000 points so any of these three surfers might end up first if they win at France and their foes don’t do well.

According to the World Surf League the man to beat is Gabriel Medina as he has won twice on his six seasons, and the only men who have won more than him in France are: Mick Fanning (4), Kelly Slater (3), and Andy Irons (3). Apart from that, he has the best heat score record with a 14.64.

It’s very interesting to read that Medina is a bit like Slater when it comes to competing. He surfs under priority which means that he doesn’t get the most amount of waves, in contrast, he is always moving from one side to another searching for the best wave of the heat in order to make the most amount of points. It’s a risky tactic but if conditions are good and he catches his perfect wave each heat, he will surprise us with his usual super aerial tricks. Can’t wait for conditions to let the championship begins.

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