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Why exactly are surfers so much into yoga? What does the “upward facing dog” have to do with my skills on the surfboard? Elisa Fernandez, our canarian yoga teacher explains us today, why we will end our day in Atlantiksurf Camp in Cantabria with the famous “salute to the sun”.

Why do Surfing and Yoga complement one another like that?

Surfing is a sport in which you need good balance, fitness and core musculature. Practising yoga helps you to improve both balance and flexibility. As our body and muscles also need equilibrium between strength and flexibility, especially after daily surflessons in the camp it’s important to compensate with e.g. yoga.


So what exactly do we train in yoga?

As I’ve just explained, in yoga work on strength and physical balance. Apart from that we also try to find an inner (emotional and mental) balance. We learn to concentrate on our body, our respiration and surroundings to find our inner balance.

What kind of yoga do you practise?


Mainly “Hatha Yoga“. But I also like other styles of yoga such as “Vinyasa Flow“ and “Kundalini Yoga“, which is more about concentrating on energy and soul, not so much on physical exercise. Moreover, I’m specialized in “Yug Yoga“, a variation of Hata Yoga“. In this practise we use a bamboo stick.

For how long have you been practising yoga and what does it mean to you?

I discovered yoga in the South of India in 2009. Actually I had participated in a class before but it was not until my trip to Kerala that I really appreciated the sport. For me yoga is a way to define my body, spirit, emotions and energies. As I have a lot of energy, trough yoga I can centre it and use wherever I need to.

What are you going to do with our Camp Surfers?

We will have yoga clases of 90min. 2-3 times a week. Of course we can always – whenever, wherever – do more if you’re keen!! It would be perfect though e.g. during sunset. That’s my favourite time because that way you can … the day. By the end of each class I will do some exercises to relax your (maybe a bit stiff and sour) body and thoughts. For those who are open to meditation I’m happy to show you how to do it. 🙂

Námaste to everyone!


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