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30 June, 2014
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10 August, 2014
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No waves, no fun?!?


Surfing, skating, yoga and other activities – we just love it! Well, most of the time. Unfortunatly I have to admit that rainy weather and a flat ocean make me fall into a lazy couch mood. And we all know: it does happen, no matter where. Even here in our Atlantiksurf School on the beautiful Canary Islands. We still can’t change neither weather nor the behaviour of the ocean (luckily!) BUT we can take a day off, relax our stiff bodies and enjoy some great surf videos with tea, cookies and nice company. These videos are not only entertainment but also a great way to learn more about surfing.

Improve your technique


If you want to get some inspiration and ideas for new tricks or a better technique, it’s always helpful to watch Slater and his colleagues going crazy in the world’s best waves. I recommend surf videos made by the most important brands like Billabong or Quicksilver. You can watch the movements you’re interested in in slow-motion and afterwards practice at home in front of your mirror 😉

Surf & art

For less technique and more motivation by the beauty of landscapes, beaches and waves you should look up the 10 most seen surf videos. Here you can find the most important surf videos that have been watched online. One of them, by the way, is the famous piece work “Dark side of the lense” by the action sports winner (Vimeo Awards 2012) Mickey Smith. Incredible images and great music!

Girls only


Especially for us women would be e.g. „Nike 6.0 Leave a message“, which shows the skills of some great surfer girls. Lots of female power! Funny and motivating!


Theory for beginners


Last but not least, for those who make their first approach towards the world of surfing, I defiantly recommend “110% surf techniques”. Here you can learn the most important facts about waves, winds, boards and how to catch some good waves.

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