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Golden Surf Rules


Tic toc, tic toc..Time is flying by and I’m almost packing my bags for the Atlantiksurf Camp in Ajo. I’m pretty sure that the surf coaches from our school will teach you how to behave in the water and on your board. But especially during the first few days you will have to remember a lot of theoretical stuff (like where to place your arms and feet, etc.). So I thought I will give you a quick overview of the golden surf rules, to make sure you can enjoy your session concentrating on yourself without getting hit by the other surfers ;P

1. Paddling out

You should paddle out wide not through the peak for two reasons: it’s easier to get out without getting hit by a lot of white water AND so you don’t get in the way of others who are enjoying their surf line.

2. Priority

The furthest out and/ or the surfer closest to the peak gets priority. Therefor, when paddling a wave always watch out for others that might have priority and don’t drop in (=steel their wave)!!

3. Call your wave

If the priority is yours and there are other surfers paddling your wave, communicate with them. A quick shout can help to make sure no one drops in on you. But watch out! You can only call your wave if you’re sure you will stand it!!! Otherwise nobody will ride the wave and people might get veeeery upset and angry 😉


4. Line-up

Usually there will be a lot of people waiting for a good wave. That’s why we sit and wait in the so called line-up. Don’t paddle straight to the peak when you get out there. Be patient and wait for your turn.

5. Attention with the boards

Always fix your board with a leash to your ankle. Apart from that, in the waves you should hold on to your board to make sure it won’t be a flying danger for yourself, other surfers and their boards! Also other surfers could lose control over their board and hit you with it. In the case of flying surfboards you should dive and protect your head with your arms.

6. Consider others

Rather lose a wave than putting in danger other persons in the water. Especially if you’re not 100% sure that you can avoid crashing into people that sit in front of you. And to be honest, it takes quite a while ‘til you really can go round others…


7. Know your limits and respect the sea!!

… and also keep smiling 😀

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