World Title to be decided at Pipeline

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World Title to be decided at Pipeline

Well here we are again, at only one day and 8 hours from the beginning of the last event of the season: The Billabong Pipeline Masters, where everything is to be decided as there are three surfers that can end up Champions of the World: Gabriel Medina, Julian Wilson and Filipe Toledo.

Medina (1) has 56,190 points, followed by Julian Wilson with 51,430 and third is Filipe Toledo with 51, 450. The fourth in the table is Italo Ferreira who is 13 thousand points behind number one so he can’t definitely end up first but who knows if hemight end up second, because he can, it all depends on how the upper three end up at Pipeline.

Once again, among the 4 best surfers of the season, 3 of them are from Brazil, which means that right now the best surfers come from the huge south american country. It’s incredible how Brazil produces these type of competitive and talented surfers, only Julian Wilson can make us think otherwise and put Australia in the eyes of every fan.

We will be very focused on this last event in order to inform you, and remember, become the new best surfer in the world by starting with some Surfing Lessons in Tenerife.

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