Julian Wilson
Julian Wilson wins in France and tightens world title
15 October, 2018
World Title to be decided at Pipeline
7 December, 2018
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Gilmore vs Peterson

Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore might win the 2018 WSL

So what about the 2018 Women’s Championship Tour? Well, with only one more event to go: The Beachwaver Maui PRO, and knowing that the maximum amount of points gained is 10 thousand if you end number 1, current number third Tatiana Weston-Webb has nothing to do, as she is 17 thousand points behind current number 1: Stephanie Gilmore (AUS). But there is one girl that can still take the title away from the Aussie, and it is American Lakey Peterson, who is only 7 thousand points behind.

Apart from this, as we said weeks ago, Courtney Conlogue, who has missed several events due to an injury, came back again and won the last event, proving that she also is one of the best female surfers in the world, who can’t win the tournament this year because she missed 4 major events, but that has won 2 of the 5 competitions in which she did compete.

Back to the Gilmore vs Peterson contest, the first one has won 3 events this season out of 9 disputed, and Peterson has won 2, so I bet they will both be very very nervous when the time comes at Maui PRO, as they both know they can win the 2018 title and who knows what will happen, what kind of waves we will confront and so on… Here at Atlantik Surf we can’t wait to see what will happen, in the last event of the season. Good luck to all the girls ! And if you want to become one of them in the future, come to Our Surf School in Tenerife.


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