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Nazaré is back again

This post is a translation of Luigier Crest’s post in Spanish. The European Mecca of giant waves is just about to start (Dec 17). This past October Nazaré started hosting some of the best Big wave surfers in the world. The North Hemisphere is ready for showtime once again.

Nazaré has started the season in the Atlantic ocean and the show continued some days later at Peahi in the Pacific. Just a little to the north of the Portuguese city of Peniche, bug wave surfers like Axi Muniain, Rafael Tapia, Maya Gabeira (The only woman who has surfed a big wave at Nazaré and Peahi, she had a shock here 4 years ago but it wasn’t enough to frighten her), Ross Clarke-Jones, Carlos Burle, Rodrigo Koxa, Marcos Monteiro, Lucas Chumbo and Francisco Porcella ( The Italian is another one who has been able to enjoy Nazaré and Peahi).

Surfing a wave of more than 9 feet isn’t an easy job. Several things have to happen for our planet to produce these kind of waves. First thing we need is a good old storm in the Atlantic, capable of creating enormous waves. Then we need the waves to come in a certain direction, with a bit of off-shore wind and if possible avoid another swell in other direction. If we want to catch these kind of waves we need to paddle out with a good old longboard, and be precise when it comes to choosing the good spot and wave.

Big wave surfing is more than respectable. It’s dangerous and it needs dedication. If you want to learn to surf in Tenerife, contact us. In a couple of years practice, you mght be able to join these lads in Nazaré ;-), take a look at the videos that Luigier Crest chose:


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