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Surfing Lessons in Tenerife

Surfing Lessons Tenerife

Are you looking for Surfing lessons in Tenerife? Atlantik Surf is located on the north side of the island, in Puerto de la Cruz, one of the most beautiful towns in Tenerife, and surrounded by plenty of beaches and surf breaks. Are you in the south? Never mind it’s only an island, get a bus from the airport or from Los Cristianos to Puerto de la Cruz and start your first surfing lessons in Tenerife, the bus will only take 60 minutes to get to our location. Once in town, we might pick you up if you book first.

Normally, for your first surfing lessons we go to Playa de Martiánez, a pure Atlantic ocean beach that when tides are huge, you will be able to see incredible lines of waves coming from the north of the ocean but don’t worry because there are dikes that protect swimmers and first day surfers. Even with the dikes protecting you, sometimes you get proper waves of at least 1 metre in the beach of Martiánez, making it perfect for your first surfing lessons in Tenerife. Added to this, this beach doesn’t have tube waves, it’s just a wall of water that will push you harmleslly to the end of the beach so that you can learn to stand up.

Whenever you learn to stand up and feel the passion of surfing, you might be ready to come with us for another week of surfing in another beach, perhaps one called El Socorro. This beach enjoys better waves and here you can find and surf your first tubes. Although the beach is called SOS in Spanish (Socorro), it isn’t as dangerous as decades ago. As the bottom part of the beach is sand and not reef, waves can change from decade to decade so as said waves used to be huge here but now there aren’t so big. Either way, when it’s big it’ll be too big for you as you are a noob. LOL, feel challenged? Come and show us your surfing abilities !

After at least 3 days of surfing lessons in Tenerife you will learn to dominate your stance on top of the board, you will learn how to turn and how to avoid waves by diving underneath them. Once you feel you have the technic and required ability, you are able to enjoy the rest of the surf breaks of the island. If you feel comfortable enough and are a risky person, try the Biggest Waves in Tenerife.

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