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Who is Garrett McNamara

If you see the news from time to time you might know who this man is already, but there a plenty of surfers that don’t know who he is or where is he from, or what did he do…

Garrett ‘GMAC’ McNamara (August 10, 1967 – 52 years old) is a Big Wave professional surfer from the United States of America that broke the Guiness Record for Largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal. The wave was 100 foot (30 metres), and by surfing that wave he broke his own record of 23 metres, that he had done years before.

He claims he had been training for Nazaré since years ago, just imagine somebody training for that kind of wave. If you need to last at least 4 minutes underwater for a wave like Mavericks, how many minutes will you have to last underwater for a wave like Nazaré, where the biggest waves on Earth are? Neeeext.

He is originally from Massachusetts, then spent much of his childhood in Berkeley, California, but at 11 years old he moved to Hawaii, where he started surfing waves with his brothers at Sunset, Waimea. Soon enough he thought that normal waves weren’t enough for him but also realized that he would need help to catch bigger waves. In the 1990‘s there was Tow Surfing already: boats and personal water craft men were needed for surfers to chase down monster waves, waves that at the moment were impossible to catch by paddling.

In Novemeber 2011, McNamara entered the Guiness World Records catching a 24 metre (78 foot) wave at Nazaré, Portugal. Controversy rised on how big the wave really was and such, so Garrett thought this was an opportunity to catch an even bigger wave. Thus, in 2013, McNamara broke his own record in January by surfing a wave of 100-foot, 30 metres also at Nazaré. Become the next McNamara by training or learning with Atlantik Surf, the best surf school in Tenerife.

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