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Where are the best tubes on Earth?

Thanks to an article by Surfline we are able to give you the opinion of some experts on where are the best tubes in the planet.

As you might know already, tubes are the most important thing for surfers, beyond tricks and manouvers. I myself never really understood that, because for me it’s much more amazing to see someone fly without wings than watching him stand inside a tube, but of course, it’s only my opinion and if you take a look at how waves score in the tournaments, tubes always are and will be more important.

So where are the most amazing tubes ever according to experts? Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Skeleton Bay: Namibia, northern part of the Atlantic Coast of Namibia, south of Angola, ‘The Land God Made in Anger’ according to locals, ‘The Gates of Hell’ for the Portuguese, perhaps the best sailors ever. Skeleton Bay has the longest tubes in the planet.
  2. Nicaragua: Largest country in the Central America Isthmus. Sand bottom, overhead and offshore nearly all day, less intimidating… Nicaragua is the ideal country for beginners, as it has the easiest tubes, the more user friendly ones..
  3. Pipeline: Pipeline has been listed as the Scariest. Hawaii, USA. The same way as Teahupo’o, Jaws and Cloudbreak.
  4. Teahupoo: Listed as the most perfect one, although it is also in the most dangerous one as well. But who doesn’t know Teahupoo, who hasn’t seen a picture of those wide, intimidating walls?

So now you know, if you are really into getting in the best tubes in the world and you have the correct level, try these ones above, if not, better start with some Surfing Lessons in Tenerife at Atlantik Surf.

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