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Who’s won at Gold Coast ?

Hello dear surfing fans, as you might know this coming April 3 we will have the World Surf League starting again this season 2019 and the first event in the championship is in Australia, at the Quick Silver PRO Gold Coast. So who has won it more times? Who has the most amount of titles there?

Since 2002, surfers from Australia have won it on 11 occasions, which isn’t a surprise as the spot is one of the most famous ones in the country. These surfers are: Joel Parkinson, Dean Morrison, Michael Lowe, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright and Julian Wilson.

The only surfer of USA that has won at the Gold Coast is Kelly Slater but he has done it in 4 occasions, the last one of them in 2013. Slater is the veteran of the competition and since 2013 he has suffered several injuries and is now concentrating on his incredible wave pool park in Los Angeles.

Then we have two guys from Brazil: Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo, who won it in 2014 and 15 respectively. No other country has the honour of having a surfer that has won at the Gold Coast. Take a look at this picture from Wikipedia:

As you can see on the image above, the highest score goes to Filipe Toledo with an incredible 19.60 on 2015. It is going to be very difficult to outrank that score as everybody said back then that his performance was just amazing and never seen.

Heads up for the new 2019 Gold Coast event on April 3. Want to compete in Australia in a couple of years time? Perhaps start by taking some surfing lessons in Tenerife with Atlantik Surf.

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