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A surfinstructor’s opinion


Hey guys! Finally some news from Ajo (Cantabria), the home of our AtlantikSurf Camp. We just began our 3rd week of living, surfing, laughing, skating, together at the beautiful coast of Northern Spain. We’ve had so much fun with a very harmonic team of young, crazy and funny people so far. If you want to get to know some interesting guys of our team, have a look at this interview with one of the surf instructors, the 23 year-old Nico from Tenerife.

When and why did you start surfing?

I started doing watersports when I was 11 years old, in the beginning only with a bodyboard. 3 years later I decided to give it a try with a surfboard. I always loved sports where you’re sliding and gliding on boards. So, obviously I totally fell in love with surfing; it’s like an addiction.

For how long have you been working as a surfinstructor?

A few years ago I helped out giving a surf class for the first time. And it’s already been 3 years now that I’m working for Atlantik Surf in Tenerife. However only now and then, when they need me, because I’m also still studying. During summer I’m working full time in AS Camp in Cantabria, though.

What do you think about the beaches here in Ajo?

The beaches where we’re teaching are pretty nice. There are waves for everyone, beginners and advanced surfers. And also, the swells enter perfectly in the little Bay of Ajo. That’s great because you can always find something „surfable“.

How do you like living and working in AS Camp?


Instructor at Atlantik Surf

It’s great, especially because my work is also my passion- surfing! It still is work, though, so of course we have great and sometimes not so great days. But in generell I really enjoy it. The life at the campsite is quite funny. We have a lot of different nationalities and personalities living together. That’s awesome. But you definatly have to be able to adapt to anything and be tolerant. Open your mind! 😉

What would be your best advice for beginners?

I always tell them to just enjoy the surfing. Because that’s what it’s about: going into the water and just having fun. Your only rival should be yourself in the sense of learning more and getting better and better. So that in the end you can have even more fun with your waves and your mates.


Surfing Lesson

What’s your favourite surf spot?

My favourite spot…the one that I liked most so far was „super suck“ in Sumbawa…But i guess just any spot that has good waves can make me happy. Especially in good company!!

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