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19 May, 2014
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Trip to Cantabria


Summer is calling! I can tell from right here. In the north of the Canary Islands the sea is getting more and more quiet. Perfect for a relaxing day on the beach with your mates and some beers. Our guests in the Atlantiksurf School in Tenerife are also enjoying a lot of sun and perfect small waves for an easy start for beginners. Surfers who are looking for a little bit more than white waves might get a bit upset these days though. What to do? Let’s have a look at the coast line of Northern Spain and especially Cantabria-the home of our Summer Surf Camp.

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As we already learned from the documentary in my last post, the Atlantic Coast along Portugal, Northern Spain and France is supposed to be Europe’s surfers paradise. Especially in summer with a great amount of surf competitions-such as the  ASP Junior Qualifying and the ASP Men’s and Women’s Star it is the place to be. Cantabria itself provides a lot of different surf spots within small distances as you can see on the map. In our camp in Ajo we have two beaches right next two the campsite. Great advantage of the spots around Ajo are the small bays with different orientation towards the sea. This means that it’s very likely to find a working spot no matter what the swell direction is. If the waves on our beaches are to rough we can just hop into our school van  and find more appropriate beaches to make sure you will have a great session and get out of the water with a huge smile on your face ;).


Compared to the French West Coast, where you can drive along the coast for hours and will still have the same conditions in the water (thanks to more than 400 km of sandy beach), in Cantabria you can find a good surf for beginners and advanced surfers according to your skills.

How do I get there?

For those of you who like it easy, fast and comfortable, you can get there by plane to either Santander (very close to the camp!) or Bilbao Airport. You should have a look on to get the best prices. They also have a special page to look up the fares for taking your surfboard. If you need to be picked up, order our Transport Service here.

If you are a lucky car owner and find a few more wave chasers to share the ride with, check out the page we prepared for you to plan your trip. Get those boards on top of your car, van, jeep or whatever, turn the volume of your favourite summer songs up and meet me down there this summer!!


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