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Surf in Europe – new documentary


“The Old, the Young & the Sea”, a new documentary about surf, culture, nature and lifestyle in Europe.

We all looooove them: Surfvideos! A passionate surfer can get stuck to them for hours even after a long day at the beach, watching his Prosurfer idols in the most beautiful waves all over the world. Film locations are mainly Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia,… Destinations that normal “hobby surfers” that are not being sponsored by Hurley etc. can usually only dream of. “The Old, the Young & the Sea” shows us Europe’s finest Spots for a change!


The story behind the documentary is quite extraordinary-not to say crazy. Of all people it’s two students from the Austrian mountains that come up with the idea to make a movie about european surfculture. One would probably rather expect two Austrians to be more into Snowboarding than Surfing, right?! Though, we shouldn’t underestimate the men behind the film: Mario Hainzl and Andreas Jaritz. Result of their work is the “1st European Surf Documentary”, which deals apart from amazing shots of surfing along the Atlantic Coast from Portugal to France with many more interesting topics. “With our movie we wanted to catch the variety of European culture, arrest attention for important ecological issues – and motivate people for travelling”, says Jaritz. Therefore the documentary tells the stories of different surfers, who tell us about their relation to the surfing and what it means to them.


You can have a look at the movie trailer on the official homepage, where you can also find a résumé of the actors’ stories and a bunch of really nice photographs. By the way part of the film location is Northern Spain and especially Cantabria – the home of Atlantiksurf Summer Camp!!! If you’re still not keen to go on a surftrip to the amazing landscape of Cantabria this summer, have a look at those pics and I bet you will get motivated! So get yourself to be a part of the European dream of surfing and gain your own wave experiences with us!! If you already have plans for the summer but still want to get on top of a surfboard this year, come stay with us in the Atlantiksurf School in Tenerife – all year round!

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