BWT Nazaré Challenge to start tomorrow !

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13 December, 2016
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BWT Nazaré Challenge to start tomorrow !

Ladies and Gentlemen the time to wait is over, get ready for Big Wave Mambo ! As you can see on the World Surf League’s website , we are going to be able to see men riding Nazaré in a competition for the first time in the world. Until now, Nazaré was out of all competitions because it was thought it was impossible to surf the wave on your own, but now it has been proved that there are surfers who can do it and so, the BWT and the WSL have decided to include Nazaré in the Big Wave Tour of 2016-2017 in detriment of Punta Galea of the Basque Country in Spain. Nevertheless, we don’t know if they are finally going to use jetskis or not. I really don’t know how on earth they can surf those waves without some help to start with…

In spite of everything, Nazaré has taken the place of the Spanish wave in El País Vasco called Punta Galea in the Big Wave Tour 2016. Nevertheless Spaniards don’t be sad because at least it has been added to the Qualifying Series.

This type of surfing tournament isn’t quite as the other ones. Waves have to be of a particular height and that height must last until the tournament ends, if not, the wave won’t be eligible. Big wave beach Nazaré in Portugal has past the test, in fact, I personally don’t think there are bigger waves anywhere else, and for all of us who love surf it is really going to be a hectic experience.

Nevertheless, in spite of the green light to Nazaré we have to understand something. This doesn’t mean that the Tournament in Nazaré will start tomorrow, let me explain. The WSL’s Big Wave Tour 2016-2017 season officially started on Saturday 17, giving the green light to the Northern Hemisphere window that runs from October 15th, 2016 to February 28th, 2017. During that time, as said by the World Surf League website, “there’s a possibility that events will run at three of the most daunting waves in the world: Nazaré in Portugal, Pe’ahi in Hawaii, and Todos Santos in Mexico.”

It has just received the Green Alert so it may or it may not start tomorrow but as said by their website “Today, the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) is placing the Nazaré Challenge in Nazaré, Portugal, on Green Alert with potential to start on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. With a projected XXL swell heading toward the region, all eyes will be on the world’s best chargers as they take on the waves of Praia do Norte, a break notorious for producing some of the biggest waves in the world.

Who will compete at Nazaré?

– Greg Long (USA)
– Billy Kemper (HAW)
– Nic Lamb (USA)
– Carlos Burle (BRA)
– Damien Hobgood (USA)
– Cristian Merello (CHL)
– Ramon Navarro (CHL)
– Gabriel Villaran (PER)
– Grant Baker (CHL)
– Trevor Carlson (HAW)
– Koa Rothman (HAW)
– Jamie Mitchell (AUS)
– Aaron Gold (HAW)
– Kai Lenny (HAW)
– Pedro Calado (BRA)
– Will Skudin (USA)
– Kealii Mamala (HAW)
– Kohl Christensen (HAW)
– Alex Botelho (POR)
– Hugo Vau (POR)
– Joao de Macedo (POR)
– Antonio Silva (POR)
– Andrew Cotton (GBR)
– Tom Butler (GBR)

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