Are these the best surfing spots in the world?

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9 January, 2017
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Are these the best surfing spots in the world?


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Global Surf News has published an article (you can take a look at it on the previous link), in which they say that the next spots are the best surfing spots in the world. I’m sure it can bring plenty of controversy, do you agree with the list? Send us a comment ! I just think that such an important list should be backed with arguments or requirements in order to rank the candidates. Global Surf News talks about wind, direction, swell, waves and seafloor, which are perfect things to measure, but then they don’t give scores to any of the listed surfing spots. So let’s get to see them anyway and see if we agree or dissent.


Who hasn’t heard about Pipeline?  A reef break in Hawaii notorious for huge waves braking in shallow waters where a horrible reef is awaiting if you fall or get wiped out. Apparently, and I say so because I haven’t been there, there are 3 different reefs at Pipeline, the first one starts in shallow water and the second and third one are deeper inside. Depending on ocean swells and size of waves, one reef will be activated to the detriment of the others. This makes Pipeline a Triple Wave Surfing Spot, although all the waves in Pipeline have more or less the same shape or the same style, the only thing that changes is size, but its shape and tube will always remain. Pipeline has appeared in several surfing movies and is always a part of the best surfing competitions.


Australia is a huge country that is sometimes considered a continent itself, although it’s not, but can be! It is definitely a continent when it comes to Surfing. Australia has plenty of surfing spots obviously, but which is the best? I’m sure that even the Ozzies have different opinions on which are the best surfing spots in Australia.  But, nevertheless, Superbank is very known and you only have to take a look at any of its pictures to dream of going. But what makes it so special? is it the beauty of the surroundings? its waves? size? It seems there are no real arguments or requirements behind any list. One of the most important requirements, in my opinion, is the amount of days per year you can surf the spot. There are plenty of spots around the world that are considered among the best when everybody knows that you can’t surf there around the year, for example, Nazaré, Portugal. Here in Tenerife, for example, plenty of the better waves can’t be surfed during summer, good conditions and waves only appear during Winter in those beaches! Want to surf in Tenerife during winter?


This is what I’m talking about, how can Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa be considered among the best 5 spots in the world if you can only surf right-handy? Honestly this could be the ideal beach for me as I am a righty rider, but what about those who prefer left-hand waves? Yes, there are also left waves at Jeffrey’s Bay but who wants to see them? They have nothing to do with the rights. And that is something that happens a lot. Therefore, the fact of being able to ride left and right waves at the same spot should be another requirement in order to rank a surfing spot within the best 5 in the world. At least, that’s my humble opinion. In spite of all this, I also must add that Jeffrey’s Bay has one of the longest waves in the world, and that is another requirement that should be taken into account. How many seconds does the wave last from beginning to end? The article in global surf news says that there are waves of 300 metres, so perhaps you are able to ride it for more than a minute ! I must say that is quite impossible for any wave in the Canaries: Here we have strong, big and shaped waves that can destroy you in less than 15 seconds, the amount of time you are given to surf it. Surfing a single wave on your own for more than a minute is one every surfer’s dreams, I guess.


Here we have a spot that above all the mentioned requirements, it would definitely be the best in one new factor: Uniqueness. Teahupoʻo is UNIQUE. Why? Just look at its wall inclination, I mean whattt? It’s like surfing the wall of your building, nearly 90º of a huge wave saying : “Hey what the hell are you doing here?”  And then its tube, a tube in which a truck could fit easily. If there are any surfing spots that should be listed as the best in the world I think nobody would refuse to add Teahupo’o. I think it’s the most impressive wave of all. I agree with when they say this spot is just Deadly. No noob can even try to get in there. But here we have the same problem as always: Although there are right waves it mostly has lefts, try to catch a picture of a right wave at Teahupo’o and compare. More or less the same? Yeah but the right one is even more dangerous so less surfed ! Teahupo’o has been included on Transworld Surf’s list of the ‘Top 10 Deadliest Waves’ and is currently referred to as the “heaviest wave in the world“.


Mos of you know Mavericks in California, especially if you are american, but if you are European and new to surf perhaps you heard of it for the first time after that good movie called Chasing Mavericks, where they tell us that in order to be ready to surf such waves we need to be able to hold our breath for more than 4 minutes, which seems quite impossible for me. Surf is not only about ability and balance, you need to train your lungs like hell. One of the most famous riders of Mavericks is the protagonist himself, Jay Moriarity, a surfer that was able to surf Mavericks thousand of times and then accidentally died while diving in the Maldives. An incredible story. This wave, also, only appears if conditions are perfect. Howe many times per year does this wave appear? Perhaps you can tell me, send us your opinion in a comment !


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