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3 December, 2012
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6 December, 2012
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The Red Bull Mito de Nazaré keeps waiting


Initially this first edition of the big waves was planned in November and the initial waiting period expired on November 30.

However the organization has had to put the competition on standby until mid-December, but you can phone anytime to announce that riders registered for the competition starts, provided that the conditions of wind and waves are the best.

In such an event, which are necessary waves over 10 meters for the different figures, everything is conditioned by the sea at Praia do Norte.


Among the true figures are enrolled in this specialty, as is the case of Carlos Burle, Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll, converted into real myths by huge waves riding prowess.

The Spanish team will be formed by the pair consisting of Axi Munian and Pablo Garcia. They will have their talent to denostrar star teams such as the Portuguese José Gregorio and Rubén González, Carlos Burle and Brazilians Felipe “Gordo” or Australians Cesarano Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll.

Anyway, if you are attracted to the world of waves, it is best to start small. Your first step must be to sign up for a surf school with great prestige.

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