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1 December, 2012
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International surfers promote the Euskera


In addition, parallel Euskadi is touted as spectacular tourist destination, as the waves mecca in Spain.

The celebrated American director Cyrus Sutton, Emmy winner, will be on the Basque coast in January 2013, where he recorded three short films.

In these three works, which will be recorded entirely in Euskera, besides showing the surf and surfers will include information Basque language.

This novel idea is to reach international channels and a young audience, making the language more appealing to the eye.

Aritz Aramburu, Zarautz born 27 years ago, is the best example of success in competition Basque, as proclaimed champion of Europe in 2007.

His perseverance led him to the top of world surfing, placing him among the stars of the sky surfer.

For those wanting to emulate this myth, can join a great surf school in Spain.

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