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5 December, 2012
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10 December, 2012
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Adam Melling wins the Vans World Cup of Surfing


With the win Melling get a triple purpose: economic booty awarded a not inconsiderable prize of $ 40,000, is catapulted to second place in the complicated race for Triple Crown and, in turn, ensures their participation in the 2013 WCT.

The competition was frantic, because in a single day were played rounds 32 to the final.

Melling won Sebastien Zietz, winning the Reef Hawaiian Pro and current leader of the Triple Crown. Before he had to leave in the gutter young Gabriel Medina and Australian Adrian Buchan.

If you are surprised by this sport and want to take their first steps, they need the best professional classes of surfing in Spain.

The fight for the Vans Triple Crown has practically own the figure of Sebastien Zietz, Kauai. To snatch, or Muniz Melling should finish third or higher in the Billabong Pipe Masters and it produced Zietz carambola that fell in the first round.

Now the next meeting will be on December 8 at Banzai Pipeline, where you decide the title of the WCT this year between Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater. We closely monitor, from third place, Mick Fanning.

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