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Ángel Lobo Rodrigo, president oft he canary islands surf federation already got over 7900 votes for his project TeneReef. What is the project about?

TeneReef inventor

The canaries do have ocean, a lot of ocean but it is not a limiting fact but our freedom. Canary Islands, Tenerife is the second biggest region when we talk about coast kilometers. For centuries we send out the message: We entrench our shores with prison walls, seawalls, breakwaters and reap all the visual and environmental impacts such as dyke collapses and floods.

Coral reefs have very effectively protected the coasts of the islands off the impacting waves for millions of years. Waves break over the reef and lose about 90 % of their energy so that when they reach the coast they are pretty harmless.

 TeneReef is one of the proposals on the website of the Council of Tenerife. Called Visionary an initiative of the island’s government to encourage citizens to present innovative ideas. The winner of the visionaries will receive financial support for his project.

In Angel Lobo Rodrigo´s and two other cooperators project description they describe that “Our idea is a revolutionary and patented technology for the construction of artificial reefs under water. It is five to ten times cheaper than the systems available on the market.” Furthermore, “Our reefs provide the same benefits as other artificial reefs. They are also built with environmentally friendly materials, can easily be installed and removed and are the only ones neither affecting or disturbing the tides and flows nor the sediment transport on the sea ground”, is explained in the introduction to the business plan.

If the idea attracted enough investors to be realized, could TeneReef become a global player in the field of artificial reefs with their business promise “the best and advanced solutions that at the same time respect the environment.”

The cost of manufacturing and installation of such reefs surpass usually 1,000,000€, but promise a great profit margin. Prospective investors such as institutions, organizations, associations and hoteliers would initially pay € 15,000 of which € 10,000 go into the patent and 5000 € would be invested for a prototype of the artificial reef.

There are only a few companies worldwide that are working in the production of artificial reefs. Because the reefs are underwater they have minimal visual and ecological impact and serve as a platform to regenerate the local marine fauna and flora, to support the production of energy and not least the activation of the local economy through the creation of a unique ecosystem for sports activities such as diving, fishing and surfing.

The driving force behind this growth is the enormous profitability of already realized projects. According to a study by the University of Florida “The return on investment in existing artificial reefs is 13,800%.”

The product TeneReef aimed at governments, regional agencies, local authorities, sports federations, hotel companies and other industries that can benefit from the installation of an artificial reef in the coastal zone. Although the project is scheduled to begin in the Canary Islands, the vision is to operate globally. Therefore, the project managers see their biggest competitor when it comes to the installation and maintenance of these infrastructures in New Zealand and Australia.

With an incident flow of about 12 million tourists per year, more than 5 million alone in Tenerife, it is urgent to find new ways to maintain and preserve our coast that will allow us to maintain the quality of life and create work and well-being for future generations. The vision is to make the Canary Islands, Tenerife, an outstanding example on how to live WITH the sea and to make it an integral part of the territory.

AtlantikSurf supports this project. Help and vote today under “a href=””>Votar ahora”!

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